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i have a gigabyte p55 ud3 mobo with the smart 6 overclocking software. my cpu is an i7-870 and i have a coolermaster hyper 212+ cooler and haf x case. i played around with the software and over time put it to 3.8 ghz through the software. the computer runs fine and cpu idles around 50c. is this safe to use this software instead of going through the bios? thanks for any help
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  1. I used this software when i started to OC my i7 930. I am using a Ga-x58-ud5 but still its gigabyte so it should be the same.

    From my experience, the overclocking of this software is pretty bad. It doesnt clock the RAM as high as you could do it manually, first of all.

    Also, the voltage is up in the sky even if you sightly OC. My i7 930 was running at 3.36 ghz (160clock) with the voltage going over 1.37v. With that much voltage someone can setup a 4ghz OC on i7 930.

    Anyway, my point is that Easytune 6 (smart 6) is bad. Although it works fine in overclocking, it is not really good compared to a manual OC
  2. I forgot to add that you can very simply go in your BIOS and change the BCLCK and the multiplier to were you want it while leaving the voltage and ram options all on auto.

    This is basicly what easytune 6 does...
  3. cool thanks for the advice. i was pretty satisfied with the results but just didnt wanna damage my cpu. i appreciate it
  4. Easytune is not an optimal solution, but as long as vcore and core temperatures at load are within Intel's max recommendations, you will be OK.
  5. thanks for all the advice. i decided i wanted a little higher then the 3.8 turbo it gave me so i just did it in the settings and got a stable 4ghz.
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