Just put in new Cpu, now monitor wont display

I just put in a Q8300 into my asus p5b-plus mobo, replacing a core 2 duo e660. Now, i cannot get any display on either of my 2 monitors, but everything else in the computer seems to be on, including the hard drive, cpu fan, gfx card lights, and cd drive. Have tried resetting bios, unplugging and replugging in everything, but nothing seems to work. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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  1. should check your bios to see if the q8300 is supported on your motherboard.. that could be the problem.. hopefully, a bios update will cure ur problem!

    (sucks that you have to take off the hsf and then change out the cpu, put on teh hsf, flash teh bios, and then do this again to put in your new cpu)
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