Opening a folder with video clips crashes explorer xp

Reading through the posts on this subject seems others have experienced similar fault but via different causes. Using Canon Power Shot G9 camera and taking mainly photos but also video clip. Downloaded to computer (automatically creates a dated sub folder for each day that has something to download). On opening the folder the 'Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close' box opens. Attemps to close the window don't work other than Alt Ctrl Del -and closing the not responding prog. Older video clips captured on same camera don't do this, it has only happened in last couple of days. I assumed it was a virus (I'd transferred the clip to my daughters laptop by putting the card in the built in reader - haven't seen her since to see if she had any problems!) So I was unable to open the folder (as others said, it was during the process of creating a thumbnail on the folder the crash happens, one folder had ~30+ sub folders and the thumbs all started to populate the folders ok until it got to the recent one containing the downloaded clip) I tried to open the folder and change the view but the pc was always quicker than me and crashed before I could alter the drop down view menu. I had to use Nero disc burning software to back up the 29 folders without the video then delete the whole folder. I tried virus scan and malware scan on the card - nothing, I tried scanning the hard disc with same progs - nothing? In the end - as I was keen to save the video clips, I downloaded them again from the camera into a separate folder, used a DVD authoring prog to open the video without having to open the folder and then saved the video in a different folder. That worked fine, I now have a copy of the video which doesn't crash explorer. However, I tried formatting the camera card and then shooting a video clip, downloaded it to the pc - it crashed when opening the folder.
Sorry for the lengthy prose! Why does explorer cope with older clips but the new ones crash it? Is it a virus or malware do you think or some setting that has been changed on the camera/card ? Would like to resolve the issue if anyone can help.
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  1. Are the file extensions in the folder consistant ?

    Can you right click and virus scan folder ?
  2. ksiemb said:
    Are the file extensions in the folder consistant ?

    Can you right click and virus scan folder ?

    Hi Ksiemb - I was going to say yes the file extensions were the same as others but I can't actually confirm that at the moment (I looked at earlier - non crashing- clips and they appear as thumbnails in Windows Explorer as MVI_123 etc and the file extension just reads 'video clip' but as I have deleted the offending clips I am not sure what they were listed as. I will have to shoot another video on the camera and see what the extension is (assuming I can open the folder before it crashes!)
    As for the virus scan, I did do a scan on the main folder containg the sub folder with video clip and nothing suspicious found (then did whole disc scan and still nothing).
    It did seem to crash at the point Windows was trying to open a thumb but also it crashed media player and real player if I opened them and tried to play the file by 'open' and selecting the clip (rather than opening folder and double clicking the clip).
    I think I will have to play around with new video clips to see if I can get any further error messages or logs.
  3. Nick.
    Instead of opening in windows, first go to a command prompt, navigate to the folder and do a dir command & see what the extensions are.

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