All 4GB RAM not recognized

I recently upgraded my system from 2GB ram to 4 GB, but my bios doesn't seem to recognize all 4 GB.

I have an Epox EP-9NPA+SLI mobo which I recently bought 2 more GB of ram for (I originally had 2GB, now upgrading to 4GB). Though I have 4 1GB sticks in, my startup screen says 3,407,872 K is recognized. I figured it would be over 4,000,000 since it is 4 GB. If I test each stick individually (with the 2GB I already have, for a total of 3 GB), it appears to recognize each stick properly. So 3 sticks shows 3,145,728k, all 4 sticks shows 3,407,872. 3,407,872 minus 3,145,728 = 262,144.

* Here is a link to the 2GB I've had in my system:
* Here is a link to the 2GB I am adding:

Unfortunately Epox is out of business. I checked my bios version and it is the latest version with what is still available on their website.

I'd greatly appreciate any help.


I'm running WinXP SP2.
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  1. running WinXP SP2 32 bit? cuz if you are, then that's your problem. you'll only realize anywhere from 3-3.75GB depending on your system configuration!

    The solution would be to get a 64-bit operating system. you should check compatibility with your current parts and assess whether you really want to reformat your system.
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    ^While that is true, if the BIOS does not see all 4 gig, it has nothing at all to do with what OS you are running.
    Some older boards you need to enable memory remapping in your BIOS to get more than 3 gig to show up during POST.
  3. The memory remapping did it. The BIOS now recognizes all 4 GB. This article helped me with the actual task of remapping
  4. Glad you got it working like you wanted, thank you.
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