MicroCenter 128GB SSD (A-data rebrand) Firmware Update??

Hi everyone,

I was wondering what would be the best method to update MicroCenter 128GB SSD firmware?

MicroCenter 128GB SSD uses JMicron 612 controller. And I am guessing they are A-DATA S596 re-branded ones.

As of today, A-Data has 2 firmware updates for their SSDs, but as expected they don't work on Micro Center SSD. :ange: ( I tried, got the error says "no A-data driver found".)

But if I check the firmware version of the MicroCenter SSD and ADATA SSDs, I see that they have an exact match.
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  1. whats your motherboard
    and I wasnt aware that the jmicron needed updated..

    I thought only the sandforce based one had issues?

    Before I returned my microcenter branded ssd I read their documentation on it.
    apparantly its only supported on achi mode with intel chipset (and most amd chipsets)

    nvidia chipset is unsupported and you cant flash.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    My board is an intel x58.

    I tried to ADATA's manual on here: http://www.adatausa.com/upload/downloadfile/ADATA_S596_Firmware_Upgrade_User_Guide_V2.0.pdf

    It says I need to flash after booting through the USB port on the drive???

    May I ask why did you return yours?
  3. it died and killed a sata port on my ip35 motherboard.
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