Installing new cooler, does it matter which way heatsink/fan faces?

I will be installing a new cooler tomorrow, a Noctua NH-U12P SE2 for my Core i7 2600K

Does it make a difference if I install it facing upward with fans dissipating heat upwards, or should it be facing towards the back? I do have two top fans on my case that blow air out. Thanks
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  1. 2 fans on top or 1 out the back... Up may be the way to go
  2. That would depend on your case airflow and fans it contains.
    Really hard to say and would be totally up to experimenting with both orientations.
    We'd be pleased if you'd post your temps after install.:)
  3. I have not done any experimenting (Antec 900 cases), but I orient the heatsinks vertically.

    I figure hot air rises. Why fight physics?
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