Amd phenome2 x2 or intel e7400

hi guys!need little help!im from india.i want to replace my old system with a new in big confusion weather to choose amd phenome2 x2 550 or intel e7400?both are at same NOT A BIG GAMER,IM NOT INTO PHOTOSHOP,VIDEO EDITING,I DONT DO OVERCLOCKING.i do lot of net surfing,watch some movies,and small applications for my guys which is best suited for my needs?
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  1. Well, any CPU will do you.

    I just recommend having an Athlon II 240 with a 785G for HD movies if you ever get there.
  2. why did you go to that price point if you do such menial tasks, get the athlon ii x2 240 it will handle all those tasks superbly and ask for more for under $70
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