Will this PSU work with 2 ATI Radeon™ HD 4850 X2

Does anyone think this power supply


will work with 2 of these video cards not in crossfire


The specs say 1000w for these two cards in crossfire mode. I am not going to do crossfire. I will be using them so I can get 8 monitors.

Thanks guys.
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  1. its says the PSU can handle the GTX 295 in SLI and that card requires more power then the 4850 x2.
  2. I would be using the set up for 2D graphics (spread sheets and charts) for 90% of the time. Some light gaming and watching movies. Does anyone else think this setup would work. I would agree if it can do 2 GTX295 cards it could do two 4850 x2 cards. Thanks.
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