Any rumours of new 40nm Vid Cards?

Hello everyone.

I'm going to be building a computer in about 2 months, so i've been reading up on all the different components; however, i'm kind of stumped on which Video Card to go for. Are there any rumours of when other 40nm process cards will be coming out? (either nVidia or ATi)

I'm looking for a card with the following:

1. Powerful enough to run 2 displays, (1920x1200 + 1024x768) the larger running a 3D Graphics program (Maya 2009, Mudbox 2009)
2. Preferably 1GB Ram
3. Low power consumption
4. Quiet
5. Runs cool (nothing over 60C), preferably below 50.

The top two choices at the moment are:
1. EVGA GTX 260 216core
2. Radeon HD 4770 512MB

I like the 4770 more due to its much reduced power consumption, heat, and noise, but i'm not sure if it's powerful enough. It is also the only 40nm process Desktop card i've heard mention of.
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  1. Wait for the 5xxx series from ATI, should be close to your build time
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