I7 overheats at stock 83C non-overclocked HELP PLEASE! THX


Hi guys i bought a intel core i7 920 a week ago and i unpacked and installed it yesterday.
so my problem is that while i play far cry 2 it goues up to 78C and when i do the prime 95 stress test it goes up to 84C .
Idle 47C Load 84C(prime95)
Graka: 9800GX2 KO EVGA
Mobo: Intel desktop board dx58so extreme series
DDR3: 1333Mhz 3GB G.Skill tripple channel
cooler: intel boxed
power: 800Watt Tagan

after that i took the cooler down and i put some new zalman creame(special cream for cpu i dont know the name^^) and after that it run after 5 min idle 1cpu 38C 2cpu 39C 3cpu 40C and 4 cpu 41C and on full load prime 95 at 1cpu 79-80 2cpu 78 3and 4 cpu 76C.
Ive read a lot of forums here but i really dont know what to do is this normal or is the cpu overheated and i should change it and send it to intel.
Thanks a lot

PS: not overclocked not tried yet.^^
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  1. I have heard that the i7 overheats with the stock fan because the stock fan is very low quality, not sure whether that was just on OCs or at stock speeds, but I know that when I get an i7 I am going to get a fan upgrade.

    But yea (not speaking from first-hand experience, just what I have read) I would suggest getting a better fan for it.
  2. ok thanks electrogoofy i also have the other question is it how should the fan over the cpu be like blowing on the cppu or out ?
    and what fan whould you suggest me i dont want to spend over 40 € if it is possible

    Thanks a lot laluma22
  3. well 1 way to reduce temp but keeping performance is to reduce the voltage.
  4. yeah but i heard that the i7 920 is even warmer with low voltage...
    but thx anyway
  5. ehm does anyone know how much voltage may i reduce on i7 920
  6. i don't see how that possible. very where i look undervolting reduce heat (including the i7's)
  7. ok thx but do you know whic is the lowest voltage i can set so i dont lose performance
  8. it very between each cpu so there no telling what volt best for you. Just in your bios reduce the volts down in small increments save the change, see if windows come up, if so then see if you can reduce it further. Once you hit the voltage that windows does not appear then increase it until windows boots again. there you will have your minimal voltage.
  9. yeah i will try but in my bios voltage is set to i think 1,5v and ond performance when i go it is set to default
    so what should i do
  10. it looks like i cant change voltage because it is a intel mainboard and is somehow locked so i change it but npothing happens do yoiu know smtt about that intel dx58so
  11. hmmm..... well undervolting you wont lose performance unless you reduce your Multiplier.

    I would believe that you can over ride (or disable) default so you can change your volts.
  12. yeah i tried but maybe i also have to disable watchdog
  13. laluma22 said:
    it looks like i cant change voltage because it is a intel mainboard and is somehow locked so i change it but npothing happens do yoiu know smtt about that intel dx58so

    well thats a problem. i wish i could help you further on this but sence i dont own that motherboard i don't know how to fix that issue.
  14. ok warmon6 thanks a lot i figured out i just had to disable watchdog and than i could regulate my voltage i put it down on 1,0v what is the minimum and have now a temp of 67-68C what is 12C better then before and intel normal load is 68,9C i think.
    dbut now 1 question is it better to put it back ti 1,5v there i also had good ones it was on prime 69-70C or to let it where it is

    thanks anyway
  15. well that's something you'll have to judge for your self. if your cpu having problems at that voltage then you can increase it to increase stability.

    Glad that i could help.
  16. just 1 more question how do i se if it does not work good on that woltage
    i have run prime 95 for 13 min smal ftp cool down test
  17. well if you're computer randomly restarts or if you get BSOD (unlikely) then that's is when you're volts are not enough. Although that's rare.

    Well just reading what prime 95 fully does, that program should be able to tell you if it not stable. just run it over night and if it doesn't restart/shut down then it should be all good.
  18. ok thx a lot
  19. Read and heed:


    The heatsink and fan assembly works just fine:
    it's the stupid "push-pins"!!

    This is a very cost-effective solution for the LGA1366 socket:


  20. i have an I7 920 running at 3.5ghz, and after running prime for 30mins it barely reaches 70c.

    but sure i am using after market cooler.

    i remember on stock cooler at 3.5ghz i was still at 85c after 30mins on prime.

    my i7 is also one of the early parts.

    anyways i would think the heat sink isnt installed properly.. try installing it again.

    if that fails then maybe you got a bad part.. go for an after market cooler.
  21. what kind of case do you have, and the thing you call "creme" is thermal paste, search up thermal paste and how to apply it on google
  22. ok guys ehm i am runnin now prime95 for about an hour and core 0 is constantly a 72C
    and core 1&2&3 are betweeen 69-70 and i also know how to aplly thermal paste i just did not know the name caus i am not english so i did not know the correct translation
    but thanks anywere
    so does anyone know of you what cooler is good i thought about buying a arctic cooling freezer rev2 i read it is quite good.
  23. ehm and i have a self made atx case out of plexi it has 3x80mm blowing in and 1 120mm blowing out it reduces my temp for about 4-6C when i turn the cooler of it goes automaticly in about 30-60sec to 78-80C
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