Ga-965p-ds4 (rev 2.0)

inf on homepage says that sum 1333fsb processors are supported by overclocking(bios F11).does anyone knows is it really working cause i want to upgrade my cpu from e6600 to e8500.
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  1. could you please write me all of your spec

    i hope when i know more i can help you better
  2. Just overclock that e6600, not a big enough jump clock for clock to justify a cpu upgrade in my opinion.
  3. gigabyte 965p-ds4 rev2.0
    e6600 2,4ghz
    2gb corsair cm2x 1024-5400c4
    asus en8800gtx

    that inf you mean? sry english is not my first language:)
  4. either german ^^ so what i do at your place like someone already said just to overclock to a speed of 2x2,66 like a e6750 cause that is my old processor and it is on fsb 1333Mhz and that schould be for a while enaugh
    cause it is strong enaugh for all games maybe not for gta IV but never mind.

    maybe you could also tell me what you do with it gaming?
    and what cooler do you have?
    how much money do you want to spend?

    greets laluma22
  5. yeap gaming using arctic cooling freezer 7pro.

    im going to add some extra 2gb ram and new gpu.gtx 280 or gtx 285.
  6. ok so iyour system is good enaugh for now and you could easily overclock it a bit but if i were you and i want the ultimate gaming i would buy a i7 and 3gb of ram and intel dx58so extreme series motherboard (approx 520€,there is also a cheap ewariant with gigabyte mainboard aprox440€)

    and about the graphic if you want to buy now then yous should either buy 2xgtx260 (130€ each) or wait till end of year when the new dx11 graphic cards are out ^^

    hope could help
  7. ok ty
  8. you have any other questions?

    just write me in email

    I think this thread is closed
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