Does the ATI HD 5770 work on the P5K motherboar?

Hi I tried to installed that video card on my mobo and it could fit properly but it was too big for the screws to go in properly, I turned my computer on and there was nothing on the screen.
Can anyone tell me why it didn't work? The video card was properly in the PCIE slot. Unless my motherboard doesn't support GDDR5?
Any help would be appreciated.
The link to my motherboard is:
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  1. The GDDR5 on the video card operates independent of the motherboard so that's not a factor.

    You said it was too big and the screws didn't fit properly. I suggest you keep trying to seat it correctly.

    Also, when powering on did anything else come too (lights, hard drives, fans, etc...) and did you hear any beep codes?
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