GA-EX58-UD5 & Win 7 - HDD not showing up for install - help!

I've just built a new machine and have started to install Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on it.

I've been kicked in the teeth right at the start as it can't find the hard drive to install anything onto.

It's a Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 motherboard and a Samsung F3 1TB HDD.

There doesn't seem to be a great deal of information about it on the net but I think it's to do with the lack of drivers - as the install screen does ask for drivers.

I don't want RAID or anything fancy, it's just standard IDE that it's setup for.

I've downloaded the chipset and RAID drivers from the Gigabyte website and stuck them on a pen drive but it doesn't detect them. When I manually point to a driver it thinks for a bit then still tells me it's the wrong one.

I can't see what else I could possibly load and I'm getting really ratty with the damn thing now!

Does anyone have any suggestions or pointers as to where I should be looking?

I would really appreciate any advice, it's so fustrating getting stuck at this stage!

To sum up:
I don't think it's a BIOS problem, the drive and the DVD drive both show up in the BIOS, also the BIOS updates on the Gigabyte website don't mention anything about updating the HDD related stuff.

The drive is set to IDE.
The DVD drive can be seen.
The cables are OK.
I've downloaded all the drivers that I think could be related and put them on a pendrive. I've pointed the browser at the directory but it didn't find anything. I pointed to specific drivers and installed them...didn't help.
I tried to search for drivers from the supplied motherboard disc, it didn't recognise any drivers on there either.
I have tried on both sets of SATA connectors (white, then blue), it doesn't show up on either.

Many thanks in advance for any advice, I'm gnashing my teeth here!
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  1. im looking into your motherboard, ill get back to you asap
  2. Set the disk to AHCI in the BIOS and try again. And make you sure that the HDD is connected to the SATA2_0 to SATA2_3
  3. the blue ones are contorled by the south bridge and the white ones are controled by gigabytes discrete sata controler...
  4. grab your mobo manual and flip to page 91, or get it here
    the top of page 92 has a setting that you should set to ahci or disabled to skip the raid setup process. other wise you will need to create a logical drive in the "raid" configuration tool. its all detailed in Chapter 5 of manual.
  5. let me know how you make out!
  6. I am also having problems with my newly built GA-EX58-UD5 computer.

    I can not cold-boot any OS. I have my BIOS set to AHCI in Peripherals.

    I even copied Boot132 to a CD but it would not start up my computer.

    I see in the Users Manual (pg91) about installing the RAID/AHCI driver but when I try to boot up any bootable media I see the AHCI starting up in the sequence after the BIOS checks. DO I still need to load something off the CD that cam with the motherboard?
  7. typically while installing windows it will ask for 3rd party raid drivers, you will want to put the disk in then and install the drivers. if you dont windows wont know how to boot from the hdd because there is a controller "in the way"
  8. ...four months old... [:fixitbil:9]

    Now ya see here son, this is what we call a dead thread, it died as no one was interested or no one had info for it, or the author found the info and decided to let the thread die.

    So we buried it, gave it a funeral and let it lie in peace. [:bilbat:6]

    Now what ya have done here is Necrothreaded it back into the living realm, disturbing its grave and its peace! Why boy, why? The poor thread has suffered enough! Let it rest!!
  9. i figured id get a response like that,,, the user's question was never answered because i did not get an email that there was a new response. if they have email turned on for this thread then they might see my answer and finally get their pc fixed. in the mean time it wont hurt people to click on this thread and see that its old and click back,, it may even help some one that would normally have created a new thread....
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