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Hi there. I have a LGA775 socket and use the ThermalTakeV1. I built my computer without knowing that I had to align the cooler arrows pointing outwards. I just pressed in the pins until it seemed that it was solid.

Anyway, so I JUST saw a video tutorial on it so I removed the cooler just now and re did it the "correct" way with the arrows pointing outwards.

But I am looking at my CoreTemp right now and it is actually a few degrees higher... there was no foreign material or anything. All I did was take off the cooler to re-do the pins.

Also, my CPU VID was always 1.35 but ever since I re-arranged my cooler pins, its jumping from 1.16 to 1.35... this is really really weird...
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  1. the cpu is ok. maybe u get higher temps cause of the different air flow u might have in the case now. anyway, make sure that the heatsink is installed properly - to have a good contact with the cpu. push pins a tricky.
  2. The best way to ensure proper HSF installation is to install the CPU and HSF before you install the motherboard in the case. That way, you can inspect the back of the motherboard.
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