Will a Western Digital 3TB work as a 3TB data partition on XP ?

I have a 2 year old Dell with an Intel E8600. I have three internal 2TB
Western Digital Green Drives and an internal Velociraptor in it right now.
Yes it is stuffed like an Efen turkey..

My 6TB data of storage is almost 100% full with movie ISOs I stream to my
WDTV so I want to start thinking about swapping 2TB drives out for 3TB

I looked at Paragon's "Migrate to 3TB" software but it only supports Vista
and newer.

Will a Western Digital 3TB work as a single 3TB data partition on XP ??

I am a die hard XP guy so I don't want to move to Windows7.
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  1. If you are running XP 32 bit then no, max limit is 2 TB per drive.
  2. Yes I am running 32bit XP. But...

    Paragon's "Migrate to 3TB" states:

    Want to move your 32-bit Windows to the latest 3TB drive, but don't know how? Paragon Migrate to 3TB can help.

    While Paragon's software only works for Vista, it tells me there are ways to get a 3TB data partition on a 32bit OS. I just need to find the solution for XP.
  3. XP have no support for GPT (GUID Partition Table), it uses MBR (Master Boot Record) which limits you to 2.2 TB of data, there is no way around that.

    What Paragon offers, as you list yourself, is to migrate your current setup to a new disk utilizing GPT on versions of Windows that support this, which means Windows Vista and 7.

    Paragon Migrate to 3TB

    A New Solution from Paragon

    To counteract this problem, Paragon Software has developed a unique technology that allows accommodation and successful startup of any Windows OS since Vista on a storage larger than 2.2TB in size
  4. Digging around Paragon's site, I guess they now support 3TB on XP:

    "Paragon GPT Loader supports internally connected single 3TB+ drives under Windows XP, excluding drives used as external storage or those combined into RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)."

    I guess I just need to buy a 3TB drive and try it out... I wonder if 4TB drives are in R&D yet??
  5. So, what happened did it work on XP 32 bit?
    Did you find the way around? HELP
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