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I recently reformatted an old PC after some problems with a different windows install.

I installed the latest driver and CCC for the GPU (Radeon x800 XT PE, sapphire), and while there is improvement from the driver VGA driver and the GPU is detected, the graphics clearly don't work as well as they did with the old windows install, for instance heavier web pages now have low framerate when scrolling, as do embedded videos.

The old OS was XP home, and now it's XP Pro, and some basic functionality wasn't there when I installed pro, I had to download the .NET framework and even the windows installer wizard, so I wonder if this is some configuration problem, or could it be hardware failure?

Thanks a lot.
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  1. check the direct x video acceleration is enabled in dxdiag, and check the task list for any cpu hogging processes.

    I used to have problems like this with my old X800, it was normal because CCC didnt install right.

    The rest of your system specs might help others solve ur problem.
  2. The CPU is an Athlon 64 4000+, 1GB RAM, Windows XP Professional v5.1, directX 9.0c.

    According to dxdiag the main driver is atidvag.dll. DirectDraw and Direct3D acceleration are enabled.

    Assuming CCC didn't install right, and that I did try to reinstall it, what should I do? Maybe install the driver without CCC?
  3. The drivers stopped officially supporting cards as old as yours after Cat 9.2 i think it was. Anything older than a 2600 i think it is.
    You should roll back to an earlier driver. I found 8.12 to be the best of the latest releases.

  4. ^^^ +1
  5. I tried CCC 8.12 and the original driver in the CD that came with the GPU. Still doesn't work well. Any other version of CCC I should try?
  6. The last Catalyst drivers package released for the X800 series gpus was 9.3

    Here's the url: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/windows/Legacy/Pages/radeonaiw_xp.aspx?type=2.4.1&product=
  7. So the problem is with 2D... not 3D?

    I remember having a bad sound card driver install trashing regular windows performance with stutters and whatnot while browsing or watching videos.

    Check all the drivers to make sure they are the same.

    You don't need CCC installed unless you need one of the functions it includes is useful to you.
  8. I tried 9.3 and still have the same problem. It's also 3D though, games that used to run fine now have a worse framerate.

    I noticed that my CPU goes to 100% whenever there is any simple animation webpage, as in an ad, and this is where I noticed bad framerate, and as soon as I scroll down to text or image only parts the CPU usage goes down again.
  9. Check task manager to see whats using those cpu cycles. May have conflicting SW eating up your cpu cycles
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