No Boot after ocing Phenom ii x4 830

Im trying to overclock my 2.8ghz phenom ii x4 830 deneb by increasing the frontside bus. my bios has no option that im aware of to increase the vcore. Ive successfully reached 3.6 ghz but sometimes when i adjust the fsb and reboot i get a blank screen (no video or post). this happens at all different speeds but more frequently at higher speeds. I'm just wondering whats going wrong and if im putting my system in any type of danger. Ive had the pc oced to 3.4ghz and up and running for a few days or so at low temps fyi.thanks.

ecs a740gm-m mobo
phenom ii x4 830
4gb ram
msi 9600gt
after market stockish cooler
500w psu unknown brand
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  1. I want to say its your mobo that is the problem but Im not 100% on that....but seeing your 500watt psu I would look at upgrading to a good name brand to at least a 650 or 750watt....from the limited info I would look at your psu first and upgrading can never go wrong with goin to a better bigger psu + with a bigger psu you will notice your temps go down cuz your not maxing out your psu...does everything work good when its not overclocked?
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    Whats your RAM speed? For sure get a good name brand PSU like Viper_69 stated but that isn't your issue here....Mobo may be limiting you a bit, but RAM speed is a more likely culprit of your symptoms
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  4. two good answers but the issue brought about my ram seemed more specific. thank you!
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