CPU + other related questions, Need seriously good advice plz.


Current system,
i5 2.8 ghz (760)
4 gig corsair dominators
5770 xfx 1gig card
750 PSU Coolmax something.. lol

here is my question, when playing high end games i am not satified with my performance... I am running on a 42 LG LCD TV reason is long but thats what i have for now. Does that effect my performance?

When it comes to getting upgrades I am really lost at this point. How do I know if I need more CPU power vs More GPU power or just straight up more ram?

I would ideally love to get a balance where I feel all key parts of my rig are kinda on equal parts.

Personally I think my GPU is my weakest link, opinions? Safe to overclock my current gpu and cpu? should I?

Help me decide which upgrades I should do if any or first try to OC my system a bit? Or is it just a case of getting a proper monitor which I think might be easier for my system to run on?

I am not very techy as you can probably tell but I do appreciate any and all advice I get!


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  1. There's really no difference from a tv or monitor, I suspect it's 1080p? You're gpu is the weakest link but you could also get more performance if you overclock the cpu as long as you have a good heatsink. To test if your cpu is bottlenecking: in windows power management you can change the maximum cpu usage, put it to like 70% and see if you get a drop in fps. Testing if your gpu is easy, just change graphics options down and your fps should go up. What is you budget?
  2. well i think about 300 ish cdn.
  3. You could get a 6950 or 560 and OC your cpu. But I am doubtful of your psu, coolmax has some psus that don't actually supply what they say. So find out the model number if you could or get a new psu.
  4. whats a safe level or a ball park number to aim for with the i5's ? ram with the 4 gig is fine?
  5. and I do apologize, the psu i said i have is not correct here is the link to the one i got.

  6. The psu is decent and is fine. 4gb ram is all you need for gaming.

    http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/256144-29-1156-core-overclocking-guide You'd probably get to 3.6 without a voltage change or go up to 4.2 with, if you want but probably not necessary.
  7. thanks for the help. So I am guessing my first move will to get a new video card. SLi is worth doing? or just one high end gpu will be better?
  8. CF 5770 will save you money and have more performance but your mobo needs to support it.
  9. p7p55d mobo from asus i think it has sli.
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