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Hey guys, I have an Intel sandy bridge 2500k and was wondering what a standard operating temp should be on these cpu's. When I play Starcraft II it runs really hot.
Core 1 is usually around 62-65c
Core 2 is usually around 62-65c
Core 3 is usually around 67-72c
Core 4 is usually around 64-70c
Is this unusual with the stock intel cpu cooler? I just bought a new case today (antec nine hundred two) with a 180 mm fan right above it. I was wondering if the thermal paste could be bad or is this temp usual? If it is too high can someone point me in the direction of a good (cheap) cooler that will fit this case. PS it idles at about 40 to 45c.

System specs:
CPU: 2nd Gen Intel I5 3.3ghz
RAM: One 4GB stick of DDR 1333 Pioneer ram
Hard Drive: Seagate baracuda low power 5200rpm 1tb hd
Opticle drive: Generic dvd r+w
PSU: Ultra 550 lifetime series
Graphics Card: MSI N460GTX Twin FROZR II
Case: Antec nine hundred two
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  1. A CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ or even an Arctic Freezer Pro, both around $30, will be much better than the Intel stock cooler

    Those temps aren't horrible, but they are somewhat high for my tastes. I never get over 50-55 C on games and my i7 2600K is @ 4.6 ghz. If you were running Prime 95 or some other stress test, you'd be hitting the low-mid 80s C easy
  2. Ok I have just heard people say that anything about 70c is just outrageous and is nearing the point of trashing my processor. I have heard the hyper 212 is the best cooler out there for this price range but Im not sure if it will fit my case.
  3. If you are not planning to overclock at the moment, you can just undervolt your CPU and easily reduce your temps by 10 degrees or so
  4. use some rubbing alcohol and clean the surface's of your cooler and cpu (nail polish remover also works).. then run down to radio shack or similar and pick up some arctic silver 5 thermal compound, put a pea sized dot in the center of your cpu and then stick your cpu cooler down onto the cpu, and re check temps for a good 20 mins while running prime 95 .. if that doesnt work, you'll probably need a bigger cpu cooler.

    But if you've never done this before, make sure to read some how-to's first and maybe watch some how-to videos on youtube or something to make sure you do it correctly and nothing goes wrong.
  5. That temp is insane for your CPU, even with stock cooler. You should be able to overclock to about 4.5GHz before you reach that temp, even with the stock cooler. There is definitely something amiss. Check:

    1. Check that the cooler is well fitted.
    2. Ensure you don't have too much heatsink compound applied
    3. Make sure your CPU fan is actually coming on (yeah, I know...)

    If all this checks out, you probably have a faulty CPU or motherboard. If you don't want to exchange, look at a new cooler. The Hyper 212+ is awesome, and will fit your case (Antec 900 V2) with ease (it fits smaller cases than that).

    Just BTW, what are you using to check your temps? If you are using SpeedFan, stop it. It's crap. Get the BIOS temps instead, they are bound to be correct. Get them, and post them here. :)
  6. Cooler is well fitted, the thermal paste is the factory stuff that comes pre applied to the heatsink and yea the fan is on. Im actually using a program called CPUID hardware monitor. It has been recommended to me from another post on the forums.
  7. Yeah CPUID is supposed to be accurate. Still get the BIOS temps though, they are by far the most accurate. Sometimes external applications (like CPUID) can give false readings, so make sure and post BIOS temps!
  8. Toxxyc said:
    Still get the BIOS temps though, they are by far the most accurate.

    I tend to disagree with this, but that is just my opinion. Every mobo I have had, the bios temps are the most incorrect... But, I also use an external thermistor directly on the core(s). However, multiple sets of data(CPUID, BIOS, whatever SW program being used) is always helpful. The more info you have the more of an accurate reading you can get.

  9. Intel stock fan is junk... get Hyper 212+. 70C isn't so outrageous for Sandy Bridge... my i7-2600 went all the way up to 90C once on stock cooling (freaked me out, though).
  10. This is what confuses me, I have people tell me that it is way to high and it's dangerous to my cpu, I also have people say that it's high but its not bad. Then i'm told it could be a defective cpu/mobo. From what I have heard from most people though is that they just run very hot on stock cooling, I think I will invest in a hyper 212+ seeing as I would like to use the OC Genie feature on my MOBO.
  11. My i5-2500k is running right now in Prime95 with a 4.2GHz overclock and is around 55C per core after 15 min of runtime with a Hyper 212+ applied with Artic Silver Matrix TIM for reference.
  12. Ok I am looking to buy the same CPU and eventually overclock it. Will the hyper 212+ be the best option for me? (willing to spend around $50 AUD)
  13. Just make sure your case can fit it, it's huge (prevents me from mounting second case side fan). Otherwise I'm not aware of anything better than Hyper 212+ for that money... which doesn't mean, of course, that there isn't! =)
  14. quick last post on here should I use the OC genie to overclock my processor when I get my cooler?
  15. Overclock in BIOS, just google your board and how to overclock your chip and viola, something will pop up on a reputable forum.
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    CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ = 158.5mm
    Zalman CNPS10X Performa = shorter(152mm) then 212+ and slightly better cooling performance.
    Will also fit in an Antec 902 no problem.
    I have a 902 with a 160mm tall cooler in it.
    The Zalman would allow you to mount a side panel fan.
  17. Had I known that before... grrr... =)
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