Is this review legit? Antec Kuhler 920

The 920 at 5.0Ghz is only one degree better than the 620? The 620 is only 60 bucks, if this is a legit review I think I might pick one up to replace my crappy CNPS 9900 LED that I can't even go over 1.2v @ 3.7Ghz with.
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  1. yep kitguru is good revievewer... :)
    if you have the same spec system with Kitguru you will get it, remember different hardware would be different results,
  2. I'm not trying to get 5Ghz by any means. Just a better cooler. My computer is stable at 4.0 just too too hot.
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    yes they differ only a few degrees only if the default and overclock state of almost the same, although still below 1 degree Noctua D14
  4. Yeah... I'm trying to find more reviews on the 620 at high overclocks, see how it fairs against he Silver Arrow and of the like.
  5. maybe you interest read all abou t cooler in
  6. I didn't see it on there, heh.
  7. wow .. Antec H20 new product ... just list iin news :D
    other review you can find in
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