An ULTIMATE computer(to me)

Well i just composed a 3 beat to an artist(hip hop/rap) And i got paid a reasonably alot amount of money. I decide maybe i can make beats for more famous artist and make a living lol. The guy made the beat for wasnt very well known. So i want to build a computer to do homework on/make music/ and play games.

I also want to watercool it but i dont have the slighest idea where to start with watercooling =\ the tubes and stuff lol.

Feel free to add things or change things, price isnt really a problem but dont add stuff i dont need. I can go about 5000 more dollars and still have plenty of money left
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  1. Grab these speakers instead:

    Plenty of reviews say they're the best you can get for under $1,000.

    You -really- don't need 12GB of RAM unless you're doing professional photoshop/video etc. work.

    Take a look at this thread here and figure out what monitor would be best for your needs.

    Blu-ray, HDDVD and DVD drive? HDDVD is, as far as I know, discontinued, so you'd be better off with two BR drives, if you even need more than one.

    Velociraptors aren't very good for the money. You should grab two (or more) Caviar Blacks in a RAID setup.

    The i7 920 with D0 stepping can OC very well, grab one of those and a good cooler instead of the 965, or if you really need to waste money, get a 975 instead.

    Take a look at this link for heatsinks.

    Overall, this build looks like a gratuitous waste of money. Just grab a few lasting parts (good case, PSU, monitor) and then build the rest for ~$1500. Then next year, you can build a system that will stomp on today's best for another ~$1500. Use the money you save by doing that to buy a vehicle or take some girls out.
  2. You've got a lot of fat in there that can be cut out.

    If you're interested in getting into this, I would head over to the Pro Audio forum and talk to people there, as well as doing some research on the internet. I've dabbled a bit in recording, and your money is definitely better spent there.

    For sample-based hip hop your equipment can be very simple, because you are relying on your creativity.

    The basic creative tools are nothing more than:

    1. drum machine or sequencer (to "control" your sampler)

    2. sampler (to record, edit, program samples)

    3. audio source (from which to record samples

    Figure out exactly what you want to do and then come back. I can guarantee you that computer will be a waste of money.
  3. agreed with Fortunex and drunknmunky, you can be a lot smarter with your money when it comes to building a nice rig. I would basically follow all of their suggestions and I would say you will still be extremely happy.
  4. Also, computer speakers != studio monitors

    read about what you want to do.
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