Upgrading a Gateway sx2800-01

I just bought a Gateway SX2800-01 and want to add a quality graphics card to it. Is there anything i can run without replacing the PSU that will alow me to play games like ARMA 2 for instance.
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  1. what are the PSU specs (wattage, brand, amps on the 12v rail(s))
  2. 220 watts, Gateway, and im not completley sure on the amps, i know the power required for a decent graphics cards is at least 350-400, like for a 9800 gtx and such.
  3. yeah, you aren't going to be able to do much on that PSU
  4. right, thats what i thought, any suggestions on possible replacements, the research i've done has yielded little results because it is a slimline pc, so many psu's wont fit in the system
  5. not sure on PSU, though if it uses SFX form factor this could help
    SeaSonic SS-350SFE 350W SFX12V V3.1 80 PLUS

    seasonic makes good units

    then you still have to find a decent half height card
  6. for the half height aka low profile this woul be one of the best cards (if you have SFX PSU an get the SeaSonic)

    SAPPHIRE 100253HDMI Radeon HD 4650 512MB (an this really isn't that strong of a card, then there are heat issues with slim line cases and Discrete GPU's)

    though do you have a pci-e slot, if not you really on't have much of a choice

    it almost seems better just to wait, save some money, an build a custom box, doesn't have to be 2k or anything, $750 would be plenty
  7. yes i have an pci-e slot the graphics card it self isnt that hard to find its the power supply that is the bug obstacle at this point. are u familar with the external power supply for graphics cards such as the Asus XG Station.


    this seems to be a reasonalbe solution but i was wondering if anyone could give insight into its performance, reliability, ect.
  8. never mind that concept was disbanded by ASUS... in early 2009
  9. i have looked into some external pci-e, an all of the kits are expensive to say the least (talking about $200 plus the cost of the GPU)

  10. We just had a few threads similar to this one involving Dell and HP slimline cases with slimline power supplies. A 300 watt slimline psu is about as good as it gets in the USA. Your Gateway model has a 220 watt power supply and is only 4.2 inches wide so you'd also have to install a low profile video card.
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