P6T and Corsair XMS 3 memory

System freezes. It could happen when doing nothing or Benchmark test. Everything is frozen on the screen. I thought it might have been overheating but I had my Asus PC ProbeII on and temp was below 50C at the time. I had a 8800GT vid card before and changed that but same problem with new card. I thought maybe a PSU problem so I also changed that and still same problem. From what I have read it seems that it is memory related. I ran memtest86+ but everything passed. (one DIMM at a time in slot one). From what I can tell in the BIOS is my mem is using 8-8-8-20 but spec are for 9-9-9-24. Everything is on AUTO. I can change the DRAM frequency to 1333 and that changes everything to the 9-9-9-24 config. I tried that's how I know. I've changed it back because I'm not sure if i'm supposed to do it this way or manually change the setting below? Do I also need to change the setting to XMP? HELP!!

P6T Mobo
i7 920
12 gig TR3X6G1333C9
ASUS EN9800GT 1gig
300gig WD Raptor
Corsair HX750 PSU
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  1. I had a similar problem as yours with 12 gigs Corsair Dominator RAM. Try raising the voltages in your BIOS manually as the AUTO settings are rarely appropriate for every situation.

    here are my settings to give you guideline (assuming your using the stock clock and not OCing):
    BCLCK: 133
    CPU: 1.25
    QPI/DRAM: 1.275
    DRAM V: 1.5V (looked up your specific RAM and its spec'ed at 1.5V not 1.65 like the Dominator series)
    PLL: 190 (many people have success with 180, I was not so lucky)

    and also make sure to manually configure the RAM timings to 9-9-9-24 because the MOBO will adjust them based on other settings. It will be the first 4 settings in the table.

    When your computer freezes does it makes a sort of buzzing sound?
  2. Buzzing sound.. like really fast beeps but most times is just freezes everthing on the screen.
    I have since removed that HDD and placed another HDD and reinstalled with XP. Running great!!! And I haven't touch the BIOS. All settings at DEFAULT. Now I'm thinking it could be some compatibility thing with Windows7??? I'll change the RAM settings to what you recommend and see what happens. So far my conclusion of bad hardware is out the door now. It's must be a setting in BIOS/Windows7 or something. I did change to AHCI at one point with my old drive.... could that make it unstable??
  3. Well.. after running XP for a few days it did freeze up. :( I can't seem to get away from this freezing!!! HELP
  4. Latest update... I've now purchased Dominator GT 1600 (Red). The system has been stable for two days now! I only changed the RAM settings in BIOS to 7-7-7-20. Didn't touch anything else like Voltage?? If this is the case then i'm stuck with 12gigs of Corsair XMS3 1333 RAM... anybode interested..haha. Now I don't know if it's bad RAM or just some compatibility issue.
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