Can't get video to tv w/4870/win7

i just hooked up a 4870 to my sony bravia 46" via hdmi (using ati's proprietary dvi-hdmi adapter). i'm seeing only the desktop background on the tv screen, nothing else: no icons, video...just the windows 7 background

i'm a new at this and i know i'm probably forgetting to do something basic, but any help would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance for any help
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  1. I have the same problem on my Philips in Win7. When I load Win7 I have to set my picture format to unscaled or the overscan hides my icons and task bar set to either auto or widescreen. I am sure that in CCC that there will be an adjustment for overscan that you could also set.

    Here is what it will look like in CCC on XP (I very rarely use Win7).

  2. actually, 9.6 doesn't have dual-monitor win7 support from what i understand.

    i'm missing the display manager tab when i boot CCC. i reverted back to 9.5.

    waiting for 9.7 to resolve the problem so i can utilize dual monitors
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