Do I need to format this drive?

Hey guys,

I just bought a Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB internal HDD and a IDE/Sata to USB adapter.

I am planning (at least short term) to use this HDD as I would use an external HDD to store HD vids/pics.

Do I need to, or should I format this Samsung drive and if so, how?

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  1. So there's nothing at all on your F3? And you want to install an OS? Am I right?
  2. There's nothing at all on the F3, but I don't really need or want to install an OS. I'll be using it (for now) just to store HD vids/pics.
  3. Just perform a quick-format. Set it in the BIOS not to be boot drive if you can.
  4. ^+1...

    This is the recommended course of action you need to take for your new HDD.
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    Install the drive in the machine.


    Right Click in MY Computer, Manage, Disk manager

    Format the drive.

    If you truly want to use it as an external, these are great, have 4 of em.
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