Wireless Card issues.

Hi Tom's Hardware community,

My Wireless card wont show any connections. Whenever I try to find a network the card says there is none. (this is not the first computer i am trying to connect the internet to) I installed the driver already and its still not showing anything. I already tried to reinstall the driver but I still get nothing. When i go into device manager i see an exclamation point next to the internet cards name if that's relevant in any way. Any help would be appreciated.

BTW my internet card is airlink AWLH3025 Wireless PCI adapter.

Thanks, boy2671
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  1. Welcome to Tom's.

    Unfortunately for you, Airlink is not a high quality maker of network components. The situation you have described is typical of a failed driver installation, or a hardware malfunction. Since you have tried reinstalling drivers already, you have two options:

    1) the card is defective and must be replaced.
    2) the driver you are attempting to install is not the correct driver

    Try to get information about the device in Device Manager. There will usually be a reason why you get the yellow exclamation point, this will help narrow down the problem.
  2. Thanks i found out that i installed the driver wrong. thank you for the help
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