Xspc Rasa kits

I was helping someone in homebuild and this popped into the thread,

I'm quite taken with it as its not an All in one set up, its 'proper' watercooling and I think its not a bad deal,
especially after reading a few reviews where it beats the noctua dh14,
yes its twice the price roughly, but what price cool? says I
So, any waterbabies out there want to advocate/ steer away from the kits shout up,
I know that the rx rads are 'better' than the rs and that the fans are a bit meh, but as an overall first step into W/c
What do you think?
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  1. The Rasa kits are an excellent starting point for someone wanting to get into watercooling, especially for the price points when you consider many LCS coolers start close to $100 or over. I actually recommend the Rasa kits if watercooling is on your list, but may not want to commit to a custom loop. The only thing I've seen from a few people using the kits center around pump noise and in a few cases, failures. These are due to a batch of bad impellers that were produced and have since been corrected. However, there were some that were still circulating about, but it is far less an issue these days. XSPC has replaced pumps for people within 2-3 days and in most cases, allowed them to keep the original pump (which is a good thing if it was just noisy....they now have a backup).

    The Rasa kits are pretty good for expandability as well, so if you wanted to add a GPU to the loop, you'd simply need the block and additional tubing...and even an extra radiator if needed/depending on which Rasa kit you started with. The pump is pretty good, not the best in the watercooling world, but definitely something worthy of a legitimate starter kit.
  2. Rubix just about said it all... I agree that the potential for expansion and upgrades is a key component with this kit.

    As an owner of the kit, i am very happy with the performance and impressed with the overall quality, especially for the price.
  3. Thanks guys,
    I had kind of decided it was a good thing given my (theoretical) knowledge on watercooling but I wanted a more informed opinion, and one from a current owner is invaluable,

    So, current plans now go something like this.

    Upgrade psu
    new ram
    upgrade chip (looking at 955/975 as they are supported by my board)
    xspc kit probably 240 rad
    Graphics card, if I get my other half a new card I can try crossfiring 2x5770's, although I may be better off getting us both new cards and selling the 5770's, not decided yet

    all this is ofc dependant on funds so its non-urgent
    but its good to have the plan laid out,
    Thanks for the help so far guys,
  4. I would say decide on the GPU first before you purchase any LC kit as the heat load my increase drastically ,are you plan on OC CPU/GPU ?
  5. NP...just give yourself time to evaluate what is the best for you, your budget and your performance expectations. We're here to help get people the answers they seek, even if we have to go find them ourselves.
  6. Well at the moment Im unlocked on a x3 435 to 4 cores,
    and up from 2.9 to 3.5GHz on standard cooler and volts so any further boosts require voltage and better cooling imo,
    ideally I'd like the 975 for the 3.6 standard, but then I'm drawn into wanting a better Mobo for at least x8/x8 crossfire
    I dont need any massive performance tbh, I play WoW, its more the 'What can I tweak' voice in my head hehe
    I dont often ask on here but its always nice to know I can :)
  7. get 360 kit ..you won't regret you did (more upgrade proof)
  8. Thing is with the 360 Rad,
    it would have to be mounted on top of the case, no issue, just a consideration,
    either way I'll have to remove the Sword and Axe from the case :P
  9. Quote:
    either way I'll have to remove the Sword and Axe from the case

    Sounds like you might have other issues to contend with in addition to cooling needs.
  10. Hehe, A mate suggested linking the Sword to the HS as a cooling idea, I wasn't so keen lol, just a casemod I did a while back....
  11. On the other hand...they might contribute to additional cool air flow.

    Who knows.
  12. @ moto- If you are going to go with the 240Rad i would definitely recommend the RX series over the RS... The RX is available at Jab-tech.com and probably some other locations as well. The RX will dissipate heat better than the RS and doesn't cost too much more. However if it is an option for you, the RX360 may be best if you are looking to cool the GPU as well in the future.
  13. I have decided on the kit I'll be going for,
    its the 240 Rx and its not so much an upgrade anymore as a new build/ modproject, http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/forum2.php?config=tomshardwareuk.inc&cat=13&post=311860&page=1&p=1&sondage=0&owntopic=1&trash=0&trash_post=0&print=0&numreponse=0&quote_only=0&new=0&nojs=0
    The 240 will sit on top of the case on a bracket arrangement with 4x120mm's doing the work
    not got as far as plannning my fanwork yet but I will most likely be replacing all fans in the system, the case comes with these lovely yellow/green fans....
    /politely removes and 'files' fans

    Not sure about cooling gpu's yet, need to find my confidence on a cpu loop first, possibly in future if better cards warrant it I will though
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