Need mobo/graphics card/ram combo for gaming

What is the best mobo/graphics card/ram combo for gaming? i play wow, and i want to play wow with max settings with no lag at all (that includes no dalaran lag at all for you wow players) and watch hd movies.

no budget..but want the best bang for the buck...
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  1. AMD/ATI is currently the best bang for the buck. So maybe a x3 720be with a good 790 series mobo. For the GPU I need your monitor resolution and although you said you have no budget it would still be good to have a limit because their are so many options. Currently though for a good value gaming system the x3 720 is a very good cpu.
  2. For the gpu take a look at this article:,2323.html

    For the cpu/mobo/ram here is my suggestion if you want the best bang for your buck:
    x3 720be 2.8ghz: $139.99
    mobo: gigabyte ma790gp-ud4h $119.99
    ram: G.Skill 4gb (2x2gb) $46.99
  3. resolution is 1600x1450 or something liek that
  4. cool that isnt even a legit resolution. maybe 1680x1050 is what you meant? but anyway you have all the info you need for the gpu in the post above. just look at that and base it on your pricerange.
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