Thermostat /w LED Display Connector Issue

I have a Thermostat that is mounted on the front of my case. I was unhooking some bad fans positioned under the thermostat and noticed that it had been unplugged. I looked around and can't find where it was hooked up. It has a two-pin female connector and the only fan power connectors on my mobo are 3 pin. Any ideas of where this cord was hooked up?
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  1. Presumably, the thermostat was provided by the case manufacturer? Odds are, the thermostat plugs into the back of the module that displays the temperature.

    There's little to no chance it plugs into your mobo.
  2. The loose cord is the power cord for the entire thermostat unit. I just cant find a hookup on my PSU or my mobo.
  3. What does your manual say?

    What is the make/model of the thermostat unit?
  4. I bought the system from Cyberpowerpc about a year ago so I'm not sure what the model is. Also, I didn't get any manuals for the components. It's mounted in the front of my case so I'd hafta completely disassemble the pc to get to serial/model numbers.
  5. Not much I can do to help without that info. Call Cyberpower and ask.
  6. Did the thermostat work before and not working any more? I guess there should be adapter cable to plug it in PSU 4 pin molex. It could be that it was using common cable with fans and You removed it with the fans.
  7. I had to get an adapter for my PSU. all good now
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