What is the easiest way to transfer 1 TB of data?

I need to transfer 1-TB of data. Going from Quad Core 2.4 Q6600 using Vista Ultimate 64 bit to a new i7-950 system using Window's 7 Pro 64-bit. (Old system has a spare 1.5-TB empty drive working and installed.)

The new system will have a 128-GB Solid State Drive drive , and a 1-TB HDD drive, also with USB 3.0. (Spare 1.5-TB drive will be left in new the system and set for spare drive after transfer.)

What is fastest, easiest and most successful way?

1. Cloning drive to empty drive on old system and then install that drive and transfer to new system? (Using Acronis, Clonezilla,
Spotmau BootSuite 2011, Norton-360 V-5.0 or Norton Ghost) Should I Clone, or back-up then restore?

2. Copy data files only to external drive and transfer to new system after Programs are reinstalled on new SSD drive?
(I will buy a new external 2-TB USB 3.0 drive if needed and use for backup and also take offsite when I vacation.)

Thank You!
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  1. 1. Build new system and install OS w/ SSD installed only.

    2. Install new HD.

    3. Grab one of these and do what ya want:

  2. First of all, thats too much pr0n. I would just leave the hard drives alone and transfer what you want through your LAN preferably using a copy program like TeraCopy from your old system to the new system. It wont be the fastest but its the easiest in my mind.
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