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Hi, guys I need some help. I just recently built a complete new computer with i5-2500k and brought a brand new XFX 6950 2gb card. I use the MSI AB to overclock it and i notice the GPU temperature is constantly at 45c or higher from no load at all. I am only running 1 monitor. Once i start gaming, i have to use a custom fan profile in order for me to keep the temperature under 75c. So my question is ... is this normal for these high end cards , or is there something wrong with my card ????
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  1. 45c idle 75Cfulload is normal temperature
  2. Temps are fine. You can start worrying once they reach 85'C and up.
  3. What happens if you let CCC control the fan? How high do temps get? What percent are you setting the fan at to keep the card cool?
  4. I keep my 6950 at 25-40% depending on what I am doing... [/shrug]
  5. shane799 said:
    What happens if you let CCC control the fan? How high do temps get? What percent are you setting the fan at to keep the card cool?

    i dunt use CCC to control the fan, i use MSI AB to control it, once at 50c i use up to 40% of the fan to keep the card cool....
  6. 40 percent isn't even high, when I used to have CF 5770's I would have to set the fans to 65-70 percent to cool the cards enough to play 2033. That game eats cards. Sounded like a jet plane. If your card is staying 75 with the fan at only 40 percent you are doing fine. No worries!
  7. My GTX460 Cyclone is set to "Auto" in Afterburner. With the room cold, the card runs at 40%, and GPU temps at 29'C in idle (GPU OC to 850MHz, 975mV VCore). As the temps climb, so do the fanspeed, max temps reach ~60'C with a 55% fanspeed. Never had the fan reach more than 60%, and never used a manual fanspeed either. The noise is just too much, I don't like it (the Cyclone cooler is quiet at low speeds, but as soon as it picks up it sounds like a vacuum cleaner or something).
  8. Well heres the news: i just bought a 2gb CNDC Model (XFX) standard clocks 830/1300. Well im pretty good with Electronics and Computers so i decided to do the HArdware mode, Voiding my Warranty ect.

    So i bridged the 1-3 over the IC with a silver curcuit pen, very, very tricky work as the IC has some 'Rail grooves' that could infact carry the Soloution to the wrong LEGS on the IC's, Lucky i had some alcohol and a magnify glass.

    Regardless, Dont do it, these IC's are Lazer cut on this model, i does infact take the flash after the fact but you will not unlock the shaders. SO DONT DO THE MOD.

    BUT....When going back together i cleaned off the old thermal Paste and put some good ol' Artic silver II on the GPU, made sure i sequence tightened the Skrews for even spead.

    I then opened up my clocks using this method here http://www.techimo.com/forum/attachments/graphics-cards-displays/24384d1309553246-enable-higher-overclocks-ccc-reg-entry-racerx-v16.zip

    And installed MIS afterburner so i could monitor temps in game, you can also do a voltage adjustment, but i have not.

    im currently at 900/1325 and have not hit the Core clock roof yet (then i will notch up the memory).

    But to be honest even at these clocks im getting 98% ultra settings no MSAA solid 60 FPS in BF3.

    Temps never go over 60 c average about 58.( Fan speed at 60).

    If your not bothered about scratching your Warranty, I advise to re-paste your Stock Cooler and GPU with the best stuff you can find and over clock this Bitch...Forget about the Shaders....im allready very very happy going from Tri Fire 5870 to single 6950 2gb. the extra 2 GB and the over clock makes my Game play so much better.

    Fantasic card, even if its locked, would love to water cool it, but the expense pays for a 7970. so not worth it.
  9. I am running XFX model number HD-695X-CDDC. At 1.2V, she is rock stable and gaming at 925 / 1475. At 1.25V I have had no problems running 950 / 1500 but generally do not push it that far and keep the higher setting on profile 2. Love the card.

    I only run AB when playing games and run a custom fan profile. I do not mind running the fans hard so during play, fans run around 80-90% and temps stay around 54-58C.
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