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I had the available security 2012 pop up the other day. It has disabled my malwarebytes,but I was able to remove the files manually, or some of them. Malwarebytes still won't open, was able to dun superantispyware and spybot and combofix, but still infected. It hijacks my browsed, doesn't let Google images load, keeps bringing explorer popups up. Also ran these all in safe mode. Is there any other suggestions before wipe hd clean?
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  1. I'm wondering if this is "security tool", of which is a fake antivirus program. There are ways to uninstall it manually, if something like spybot doesn't help. Knowing more details would help us steer you in the right direction.
  2. Sorry stupid phone spellcheck. It was av security 2010 . And yes I think it was a fake system tool. I got rid of the av security files, but still infected. I uninstalled malwarebytes, re downloaded in safe mode, renamed the mban file, still wouldn't open. Also ran full scan with avast, ran ccleaner checked registry..but still same problems. Last thing I saw on combofix was computer infected with root something. Forget exact term, then combofix locked computer up so not sure if it finished.
  3. The program is called "system tool". Everyone in my family, except me, has gotten it though it's been a long time since I last had this happen so I've forgotten the details on removal. If I remember, though it only works if you actually have "system tool", there's a program you can download that will remove it, though there is also a manual removal approach. Search Google for this. Whatever you do, do not buy that fake antivirus program! You'll just be throwing money away, giving it to thieves.

    The "root" thing you're thinking of is "root kit", of which is another form of malware.
  4. Your right, system tool. My dad also got it but was able to remove with malwarebytes. I saw a search listing a program to remove the virus but wasn't sure about its safety. J guess how much worse can it get. Rootkit, that's what it was...couldn't remember. I'll mess with it again after work. Thanks for input
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