Building new gaming system - opinions needed

I am considering the following:
Intel core i5 750
Asus P7P55D
Kingston KVR 1333 MHz DDR3 4GB kit

but I am debating whether it is worth the increased price for:
Intel core i7 920
Asus X58 Rampage II
Kingston KVR 1333 MHz DDR3 6GB kit

I plan do do gaming mainly, have gtx295, 1TB harddrive WD Caviar black

Thanks for any tips
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  1. i say go for i7 920, i have one and it is lightning fast and it will last you couple of years.
    Since it is HT is sees 8 cores LOL
  2. the 1366 chipset utilizes triple chanell memory which means it is meant to run with 3 or 6 or 12GB's of RAM. Im not really sure what happens if you don't, whether it will not recognize the memory or not, so I would recommend looking it up, but I do know it is meant to use triple channel memory as opposed to dual channel memories (2 or 4 or 8GB's)
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