Problems with wireless connection dieing randomly

Hey, i have a HP Pavilion dv9000 and am using a WRT610N linksys router. I'm connected wirelessly from my room to the router in my dad's study. The connection will be at full strength and works very well for about 10 minutes and then randomly it either goes to 1mbps or disconnects. I play games online so a disconnect pretty much sucks and right after i disconnect I am most of the time still connected to the internet. If i play on xbox live i have the same issue if that helps it will randomly go to one bar for 10-15 seconds then go back to full strength. I have tryed this at every time of the day and the connection had been working fine for about 6 months up until this last week. Any help would be very appreciated as this is very frustrating trying to play games online just to waste 30 minutes because of a random disconnect.
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  1. Could be interference from a neighbouring wifi network or cordless phone base.
    See if your wireless adapter's utilities (or Windows) can identify neighbours and change the router wireless channel to one 5 stops away from strongest neighbour.

    Relocate cordless phone base or video sender away from computer or router.
  2. Quote:
    change the router wireless channel to one 5 stops away from strongest neighbour.

    How can I tell which channel the neighboring network is broadcasting on?
  3. If you can detect it you should be able to see -- your wireless adapter's utilities or Windows may display some details of all detected wifi networks.

    If in doubt download a program like NetStumbler which is dedicated to detecting wireless networks.
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