Replacement PSU?

I recently recieved a Dell Insprion 531S for my birthday. While it is a step up from the computer I had before I'm running into some problems. The power supply is only 250W... I'm looking to upgrade the power supply to the 400-500W range so I can put a decent video card in it but I'm having a hard time finding one that is the same size as the one thats in the case now.
help please...

The current PSU is a bestec tfx0250d5w.
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  1. I looked it up.Looks like a slimline power supply. They usualy don't go over 300 watts. I also looked up the Dell Inspirion 531S - definitely a slimline pc. This is going to be a little more difficult.

    Maybe we can get DellUser1 over here. I bet he would know.
  2. Even I am having a hard time finding PSU's in that category with that amount of power.
  3. They make a low profile 9800 GT, you can't fit full size cards in the box.
    This 300 watt Seasonic will power it with the use of an adapter

    Have never heard of a TFX psu of more than 450w, and there's nothing bigger in the US than the 300w ( that I know of )
  4. So I have to upgrade to this seasonic PSU and then I'll be able to get that 9800GT.
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