CPU cooling fan is out of wack???

i have a Intel Pentium 4 (2.53 ghz) .... it runs at 44c at max usage... it idles at about 5c lower than that..

anyways i have been watching it for about 6months now, and i have noticed a change in my cooling fan for the cpu..

it started at 2900 rpm... now it reading 3540 rpm.. goes up a bit every week it seems..

i'm just wondering why it does that? i haven't changed how i use the computer.

Is there an issue with the fan.. Should i buy a new one?


computer runs at average 40c-44c (normal)
i am doing the same things as i was doing 6 months ago..

Cooling fan has gone up from 2900 rpm to 3500 rpm..(and rising)!?!?!?!
(also the speed never drops even while the computer is idle)

The room temp is also the same as it was 6 months ago..
speed of the computer is still the same.. so
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  1. Maybe there dust building up and the fan is working harder keep the cpu cool.

    Open up the computer and with a can of compressed air blow out all the dust. Try to get all the cpu's cooling fins clear of dust and see if that helps any. If not come back and say it didn't work. someone else may know the problem.
  2. i did that i even left the side of the case off..... but its cooling the computer fine... just the speed has gone up from 2900 to 3500 over a period of 6 months.. just wondering if the cooling fan is (going bad or something) i don't want it to fail and then for my cpu to burn up.. (i only turn my pc off like 3 times a week... its running almost 140 hours out of 168 hours in a week..
  3. maybe it is the fan going bad or it could be that the sensor is going bad. Either way it maybe showing sign that it is going bad. How long have you had the fan?
  4. since i got the computer... 6months ago... it was a used system but i cleaned everything... i cleaned the cpu and heat sink with 91% isopropyl alcohol.. so it was very clean... (currently is still 99% clean)..

    i was just wondering if anyone else out there had this same issue... i was hoping it was just a bios setting or something? but it seems i might have to buy a new fan....
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    well depending on the motherboard you can adjust the fans rpms but i would not recommend it. Just because if your CPU does get very hot the fan can adjust it self to cool it down better. maybe getting a new fan is your only option.
  6. getting a new system soo problem solved!!!
  7. well glad to helped even though i wasn't much help.
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