Frequent BSOD Win 7 64bit ! tried multiple fixes

Hi everyone,

I used to run win7 32 bit for 2 years straight, never BSOD , EVER!!!! I upgraded to win 7 64 bit and now I'm getting these errors constantly (pictures posted), will show more info if you guys need to see more.

Mostly BSOD reads:

link to my error message:

link to my error message:

P.S - does anyone know why I had to post link to my pics, because I thought you're able to post
a picture in a thread???

I have ran memtests, chkdsk, took out my RAM and reinserted, reinstalled video drivers and
deleted the old ones. I am only coming to the forums out of last resort. The more I read around,
the more I get confused.

These tests have been fine, leading me to think problem might be software related?

Many thanks for your help
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  1. same problem here!
  2. Did you do a fresh install of Win7 x64, or some kind of Upgrade from Home x86 to Pro/Ultimate x64? I never like doing upgrades. Too much residual crap can be left behind that causes problems. If you have done a fresh install then you can either try one of the "Driver" fix programs to figure out which driver or drivers are the problem, or simply backup your data, try a fresh install and slowly over time install updated 64bit drivers on your system. Sometimes, all upgraded drivers are not good updated drivers (due to the many hardware configurations in the PC arena).
  3. you can't upgrade from 32 to 64, it will always be a fresh install.

    are you using an SSD? what are you doing when it happens?
  4. The problem is probably caused by a bad driver. The bad driver uses nw1f1.sys so look in device manager for a driver that uses that file and you have found the problem one. I suspect that this driver could be your wireless one but I could be wrong as I have been unable to find nw1f1.sys on the web. To prove that this is the problem driver try uninstalling it or disabling it to see if it cures the problem also check for updates for this driver.
  5. I also couldn't find nw1f1, odd.
  6. What hardware?? Do you have a 64bit processor? Is all your hardware Windows 7 64bit compatible?
  7. "That's the Native WiFi driver, and is a Windows system file. It supports Miniport WiFi drivers and handles things like packet creation and prioritizing.

    Basically it allows manufacturers to create much smaller simpler WiFi drivers as it does most of the hard work.

    The upshot is either there's a problem in your Win7 install, or your WiFi driver install.

    Try removing and re-installing the WiFi driver first."

    BTW its not NW1F1, its NWIFI lolz.
  8. ahh, the photo of the screen wasn't to clear (sunday afternoon drink doesn't help either) makes a lot more sense now.
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