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Help! Hope someone/Expert could offer advice!  I have a good External Back-up HITACHI 3.5” SATA HDD of 500GB capacity and 7200rpm with independent power supply running OK since 2007. But yesterday, this HDD could not spin or read or write data after the below said incidence.

During the incident, my Apple Notebook Computer MacBook Pro (with boot-camp dual-boot MS Windows Vista Business O/S) suddenly went into hibernation as soon as the battery level drops to 10% low, while I was busy backing up selective Computer data to the aforesaid External backup HDD.

During computer hibernation, the external backup HDD seemed to have stopped and steady RED light (not blinking) was observed by me. Also unfortunate, the Apple MacBook Pro computer (Windows O/S) could not resumed as usual. After waiting 20 mins, I have no alternatives but forced to press the power on/off switch to reboot my computer (Windows O/S) with the battery charger on. At this moment the external back-up HDD has a steady red light (not blinking) and did not spin or read or write any data. 

After waiting 15 mins, I then shut-down my computer normally and the power supply of my external backup HDD. 

After rebooting up my computer  normally, I switched on the power supply of my external backup HDD again but a steady GREEN LIGHT was observed by me, it was neither spinning or reading data.

I did some simple diagnosis. I check Windows Vista directory, it did not detect or show my external backup HDD. I then went into the Computer Management > Storage > Disk Management > Volume, it said Disk 1 is UNKNOWN & NOT INITIALIZED, but other drives were OK shown with drive  letters C: (Disk 0), E: (Disk 2), CD-ROM.

Highly appreciate if you could please advise me possible methods to solve or recover my data which I believe is still intact inside the external backup HDD. 

Alexander Lyon
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  1. Hello,

    If there is nothing wrong with the storage space device but the files are inaccessible, then next point of failure can be caused by errors within the file system. All storage devices need a system of organizing and mapping out the stored files. When this file system information is corrupted, the data may still physically reside on the device, yet the ‘pointers’ or ‘map’ to the files requires repair to make the connection from file name to the file data.
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