Dell workstation 670 ram upgrade problem

i hope someone could help me ,i bought 2 ocz 2gb ram cpu2 6400 5-5-5 @1.8v
to replace the the 2 512MB ram pc 3200 it originally had,after which i plug the power and the pc automatically tries to boot and keeps beeping and a yellow light turns on on the motherboard .

so is the problem from the type of ram itself?, i'm pretty confused whe it comes to ram definitions so i don't know what matters or not.

i only made sure they were inserted in the right order(first bank) and in pairs.

thank you in advance.
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  1. Have you checked the voltage settings for the RAM in the BIOS; knowing Dell, you may not be able to...
  2. I looked but haven't found anything that either show the voltage or the option to change it.
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