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I've got the 95W XFX 8200 MIA78S8209 mb with an AMD x2 4800+. CPU bottle necks everything, even at 3.0 oc. My 9800GT needs more for games and I thought the Phenom II 945 would help. Now the XFX site says that the 945 is not compatible because of the 125W but http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103696 there is a 945 that is 95W. My question is will this be compatible with my board. I thought AM3 was out until I saw this http://www.xfxforce.com/en-us/products/motherboards/NVIDIA%20GeForceseries/~/ecms.ashx/XFXCPUCompatibilityList-AMD.pdf. I was planning a hole new system but now I can get 3.0 quad with my current. I don't want to spend $170 and plug it in to find either nothing or sparks. This whole super compatibility of AMD is cost efficient but confusing.
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  1. The only way to be 100% sure is to check your board's CPU compatibility list. It clearly shows that your model doesn't support the 125W CPU's. I'm not sure about the 95W X4 945 though. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer via their website and ask them. Be very clear regarding the wattage issue.
  2. It's not an AMD thing (or even Intel which is the same deal). It's a motherboard thing. You must absolutely check the motherboard manufacture's web site for processor and bios compatibility before upgrading.
  3. I also have the 8200 motherboard and was curious about the 95w 945 so i asked xfx and they said: [ERIK_A - 10/1/2009 4:33:55 PM] Hi Stephen, As long as its the 95w version of the 945 then the processor should work fine. It might be unidentified by the bios, however should function normally. - Erik
  4. I also was curious about the same thing I have xfx 8200 mb and 9800gtx video card so I emailed xfx and they emailed me back and said that "It should funtion normaly".
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