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  1. What budget are you working with? Also what graphics card are you planning on using?
  2. Just would like to double check if parts are compatible.

    But if you would like to know it is $650.00 and this comes out to around $640.00.

    Graphics will be a GTX 260 up to 285 havent decided. Both will run with power supply fine.
  3. A GTX 285 CANNOT run on that power supply, it requires a minimum of 40 Amps on the 12 volt rail, the PSU you selected only has 32 at best. This corsair is $10 more after MIR but will be able to run a GTX 285.

    Other than that everything is compatible but you would get better performance with a Caviar Black HDD and faster RAM. AM3 CPUs have a memory controller that supports up to 1066 so you will see a performance increase if you do get faster ram.
  4. I guess the kid at the local computer shop talked from his rear-end on that one.

    How about a 275 or a 260... My budget for the computer will not allow that power supply.

    I have made a pretty tight spending limit for myself.
  5. Everything looks good,but i agree with the others you might want to stick with the gtx 260 to stay within the limits of the psu,the 260 is a great card regardless and can handle pretty much everything within 1920X1200 right now there are some cheaper power supplies that provie more power but you would have to do some searching around that way you could get the 285 if you really want it but otherwise the gtx 260 will give you everything you need
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