Three beeps, Graphics card/motherboard mass confusion

My buddy brought his computer over to have me take a look at it. On boot, it does a 1 long, 2 short beep error code. It's a VGA error code, so we thought it was the graphics card. We pulled his 9800 out of his MSI P7N Platinum Mobo, and put it in my EVGA x58 Mobo, and it worked. On a limb, we stuck my Nvidia GTX275 in his motherboard, and..... It booted. So the card isn't bad, and his motherboard isn't bad since My GTX275 works in his. We were thinking it had something to do with the contacts, which i cleaned up. Made sure alignment was correct for the contacts, still no luck with his card, yet mine works on every attempt. Any ideas?

Note: the 9800 has worked with the P7N for over a year with no problem. Turned it off last night, and this morning on boot it wouldn't work.
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  1. Is the extra power connector on the card connected?
  2. Is the fan on the card spinning?
  3. Yes and Yes. Remember, my GTX275 works in his motherboard, so his motherboard is just fine. His 9800 works in my motherboard, so his 9800 is just fine.. but put them together, and it just gives the VGA error. All cables are connected, and yes the fan is spinning. his card works fine, his motherboard is fine, but they don't work together. Up until that morning, they worked fine. he had the comp for about a year running flawlessly. Now they are seemingly incompatible.
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