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Sorry for such a noob question, but into which header should I plug my Antec Kuhler 620 -- into the CPU fan header, the power fan header or into something else??? I don't want to burn up my processor because I did not plug my kuhler into the appropriate thing!


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  1. CPU fan header
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    Ortoklaz is correct; CPU fan header. Also, if your CPU overheats, it will shut down before anything bad happens...all newer processors and motherboards have these features built in. This helps in case you have a CPU cooler/fan that fails you can simply get a new one instead of a new CPU cooler, CPU or motherboard. Check the documentation for your should point out how to connect it...look for the CPU fan header. :)
  3. Thanks to you both. Kuhler working perfectly; temps in the 30s!
  4. Excellent...30's is likely idle...what are your load temps?
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  6. I have the same cooler, my newegg order will be here in a day or two with my Asus P8P67 Deluxe. The CPU_Fan header on my MB is a 4 pin connector and the kuhler 620 is a 3 pin. I know you can connect 3 pins to 4 pins but I have read everywhere to connect the pump to a PWR_Fan header for non-variable speed aka pump works at 100% all the time.

    I will connect the pump to the PWR_Fan header and connect 2 x PWM fans using a splitter powered by the PSU and connected to the CPU_Fan header. The 2 fans will be identical and in a push/pull configuration.
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