Need new Heatsink for Asus P8P67 revolution

Hey guys, I'm looking for an after market heatsink for this mobo, my cpu is the intel i5 2500k (LGA1155 Socket). The space on this board is extremely small, with barely enough room for the stock heatsink. Could anyone recommend a great heatsink from newegg? Price is not an issue. Thanks!
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  1. The mobo already comes with cooler, so, I think that you mean to after market cooler for the CPU.

    1- What RAM do you have?
    2- What budget?
    3- What case do you have?
  2. I have the ripjaws series, only two sticks now but I don't want a heatsink that will go over any of the unused slots. My case is the corsair 650d I would prefer to spend about $60 on a heatsink.
  3. Zalman 9900LED (about on par with Hyper 212+) $64 -$10 MIR

    Zalman 9900Max -b, or -r (Up there with the High end air HSF) $70 - &10 MIR
    Several good reviews on it.
    I have this one on my new 2500k. MB = Asrock Extrreme4 and 4 sticks of ripjaw RAM.
    Not problem with clearance in my system.
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