Revodrive to 25nm dual Vertex2 to ?

I purchased a 120gb Revodrive (not an X2) back in December. After consistent corruption errors and plenty of headaches I finally returned the drive to OCZ. They offered to replace it with two 60gb Vertex 2 drives that I could put in RAID 0 and receive SIMILAR performance. I checked out benchmarks on tomshardware and decided to make the switch. Little did I know they were sending me two 25nm Vertex 2 and not the 34nm that tomshardware had done the benchmarks with. Too make a long story short, I now see the new tomshardware article and realize I am not getting SIMILAR performance. But in the article a firmware update is mentioned that could potentially fix these problems? I am hesitant to send these drives back and deal with booting off my velociraptor after already having to send my Revodrive back, but I do not want to be stuck with drives that are not worth the $300 plus tax I paid back in December. Any suggestions as to what a reasonable person would do in this situation?
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  1. Id return it say you want a 120GB revo back and sell on craigslist/ebay full price (as it wont be opened). Then go purchase a Crucial C300 128GB or 2x Crucial 64GB C300 SSDs. More reliable than Sandforce controllers and they are SATA3. Just complain to a tech about the 25nm vs 34nm and eventually they will break and give you free return shipping.
    Personally you got ripped off on that trade....if it was 3 60GB Vertex 2 drives I wouldn't have cared AS much. They would get you close to the same performance and you can usually buy a Vertex 2 60GB for $100-$110 on sales.

    Just my thought process on the matter. Plus the fact they didn't send you back 34nm drives and didn't tell you about the issues with the current generation of 25nm drives you could easily win any fight with them.
  2. Yes, I agree with Twist.

    Send them back, refuse to pay shipping and switch to a c300 if you have to get it now.

    If not, maybe see what the word is about the c400s and also Intel 510.
  3. Is there that much difference in performance that it's worth the headache?

    Also, be aware that going RAID0 has some drawbacks:

    1) no TRIM (proper recovery of space after deletion)
    2) other minor issues (flashing firmware is a big pain currently. I needed to backup Windows, remove each drive separately and stick in another PC, reinstall then restore my backup)
  4. Most are reporting as much as half the speeds of 34nm. Go read the OCZ forums as there are tons of people pissed atm.

    The real issue is unless I misread the Tomshardware thread on 25nm, the issue of the speed is in the fact is there are less chips in the 25nm than the 34nm. I was told that 1 25nm chip is double the capacity of a 34nm. So if it took 16 chips of 34nm to make a 160GB SSD then it only takes 8 25nm chips to do the same (twice the space on the same chip). The issue there is less channels = less speed = DAMNIT!!!!

    Not a technical answer but I doubt firmware will really fix the issue.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I am gonna let the angry mob finish and then deal with them when things are not so insane.
  6. Hmmmm..... I guess you guys aren't up to date on the return process for the OCZ Vertex 2 ssd's with 25nm NAND. Because of the problems OCZ has offered to replace the ssd's free of charge and even pay for your return shipping. OCZ will replace the 25nm NAND ssd's with 34nm NAND ssd's. It won't cost you anything. You can find the information atd the OCZ web site and OCZ forum.
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