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Hello I am looking into building a gaming PC with the best bang for the buck. I myself am not sure which chipset is better AMD or Intel. I game on MMO and FPS and like to learn HTML,CSS and things like that. I want a motherboard and chipset that will best perform with the graphics card its designed for.

Other than playing games on my PC I do script and fool around with stuff but I want to focus simply on the gaming aspects as everything else I could go without.

My Price range is 300-500$, Its not alot but I also want to point out that I only need a internal hardware, I have an X-Blade case which is large and can fit almost any Motherboard and Graphics card. I can get Hard Drives and DvD/CD Drives myself.

So pretty much I am looking for
-Graphics Card

I can get the power supply and all other parts.

My current build is a
P4 3Ghz Processor
Intel Genuine motherboard
Nvidia 512MB 6200LE

Anything better with a good price I would appreciate alot

Thank you and I hope I provided enough information(AMD or Intel is up to you)
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  1. Well this is what I came up with.

    If you want to lower the price a bit you could go with the 1Gb 4870 instead of the 4890. Also, make sure you have a good enough power supply for the video card.
  2. First off you need to be careful about the power supply. See my guide, linked in my signature or at the top of the forum, for the section on PSUs.

    Generally budget builds in your price range focus on the X3 720.

    Here is the way I would do it:

    X3 720BE and Asus AM3 MB -260

    Mushkin 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz -70

    XFX 4850 -105

    Get a quality PSU like the Corsair 650TX:

    Then you can add a second 4850 later, and also add an after market cooler to overclock, such as:
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