Lancool K62 vs CM Storm Scout

Hey guys making some final decisions on my build and I just wanted your opinion on these two cases..


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  1. ^ Both are very good cases...

    As for the Scout ,I have seen some people complaining about the lack of space when a long graphics card with the power connector at the end facing the HDD cage is used...But if the power conector faces upwards, then you might not have that problem...
    So just make sure you dont get that issue

    Another very good alternative -
    CM HAF 922
  2. True there about the scout, I have one and I must say, the 4870 squeezes in but damn it is so fantastic as a case this is a minor issue and I have seen a scout case with dual 4870x2 in crossfire installed so no rel problem, there is also as drive converter included if you are worried about hhd space and the cooling is great on this case.

    what GPU are you installing?
  3. well as for what gpu im installing..i will probably go with 2 4850s but I am waiting on the new 5xxx series cards coming next week to see how those pan out.
  4. +1 For the CM Scout, a great case. I've got a 4870 and it is a bit tight, but it does fit ok. A very nice case, solid, good cooling and well built.
  5. I bought the Scout when it was on sale for $89 with free shipping, but have yet to build a system around it. It's a very solid, well-built case that will not take up too much room.

    The case WILL hold a 285 GTX / 4890 card without having to do any sort of mod work. However, the vents at the bottom of the case for the PSU will only line up with smaller PSUs. Example... the Corsair 750HX that I wanted... nope... that one is too long and I'm not about to drill holes in the case... so I'll be going with the shorter Corsair 620HX. Also there is a clearance issue with this case in regards to the top of the CPU heatsink/fan. If your heatsink/fan extend beyond the top edge of your motherboard, you'll likely encounter the top-mounted case fan. If you get this case, be aware of its limitations before you buy one.
  6. i didnt even think about the psu vent at the bottom..and if yours did not line up then i know for a fact mines wont line up either. I appreciate all the replies.
  7. My corsair 750wtx works perfectly in the scout, is the hx larger?

    Ohhh wait, I did not install it fan down as did not want air from floor drawn, we have large hairy German Shepard and dont want lexie hair blobking up case lol but it looked like a match in any case
  8. Oh yes, the top fan comes very close to the Mobo edge, millimeters infact, I installed the artic Cooling Freezer 7 in a push pull sort of way as it was too tight rear facing, mind you its very cool running that way, OC 7200 @ 3.8ghz 1.35v and 52/53 max temps prime 95 after a couple of hours.

    But larger heatsinks could cause issues, guess though i wouldnt want a larger, heavier heatsink as I use the case as intended and transport it frequently, and boy does it hold up to some abuse, Paint job is tough, Side window strong and very robust, also the handle is SOLID in transporting it!
  9. The new Lancool Dragon Lord series caught my attention last month. I am thinking about purchasing the K60 version without the window. Lancool is a subsidiary of Lian LI. The interiors of the Dragon Lord series have a lot of Lian Lian innovative features. I think it has great potential. A long video card is not a problem because the lower hard drive cage is mounted sideways instead of front to back. That cage can also be rotated 90 degrees for a front to back configuration.

    Quite often the choice of a case is a matter of personal preference. Buy the one you like.
  10. +1 cooler master scout.

    I love it... but the ONLY thing i have with it- I had to reposition my scythe-mugen 2 because the mugen was so freaking big it couldn't fit because of the top 140mm fan. And just a thing, the fans will do the job and are silent, but won't push that much air. And on the side panel, you can only install one 120mm on the bottom slot beacuse the top slot will probably be blocked by your CPU cooler
  11. +1 for Lancool..

    +High quality material
    +(high quality tool-less), not a plastics on pcie slots..
    +Removable Dust Fillter on every air intake
    +Rotated HDD Cage (more space for long graphic card)
    +Lots of Fan 3x 140mm fan + 1x 12mm fan (very good airflow)
    +Huge clear sidapenel

    i have scout before.. and i think it's very good case..
    but, for me lancool is more have good feature,,
    and now i'm using lancool k-62

    (for more pict..)

    (for more info..)
  12. ditoy_kaskus - Pay attention to the dates. This thread is 4 months old. There is an excellent chance the original poster purchased a new pc case 4 months ago.
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