Why is 790XT and 790FXT is better than 785GT

I'm about to buy a new PC and I don't know which mobo to get.

But looking at the prices, I found that the 790 mobos are more expensive than the 785, and yet, the 785 has an integrated graphic chip.

My question is, beside having 2 pcie runs at x8 or x16, is there anything else that would make 790XT and 790FXT mobos better than 785GT??

Another question, If I'm planing to run a single graphic card on my PC (not planing to crossfire), will 785GT do the job as good as 790 mobos?

Thanks in advance
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  1. let me add this.. many people told me that If I'm planing to getting an internal graphic card, I souldnt be buying the 785GT mobo.. I sould get the 790 or 770 instead.

    Any thoughts regarding this?
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