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I connect to my workplace through LAN. The office LAN connection provides internet access to specific users only. Also i have a wireless network available in our office which is free for use.
Simultaneously i can connect to both networks. somehow i am not able to get the internet access. the moment i disable my LAN connection, internet access works perfectly.
Here is my question, Can we connect to both the networks simultaneously and channel the internet access only from the WIFI network? if so what settings has to be done.

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  1. Remove the gateway and dns addresses for the LAN connection. This should be the issue. This would mean a static IP, so I would just look at the IP you were handed out, and use that one.
  2. It's not really a good idea to set a Static IP address in the DHCP range.
  3. You are right. I cant set it as static IP. Any other alternative??
  4. You can't set it outside of the DHCP range? Otherwise you will have to disable every time as you have been doing.
  5. I added my wireless first with a default route of my internet router. Then I added my hard wired lan with no default route as stated above. This didnt quite do the trick. I have a lab setup with 2 networks that I use for study. I still was trapped in internet land......

    >route add metric 2

    that got me to be able to hit my devices. is a 2611xm router and my switches are attached to the back end of that (

    the dhcp range doesnt matter much since it works like a stack.. you know how many addresses it uses and what you can use..... other then that dhcp WILL not even become a topic of discussion.... I would however work around dhcp if possible, but it is not a factor that will make or break project.

    ~Eric Peyser
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