Need a better motherboard for my failing Windows 7 64 machine

Hi there,

I recently 'upgraded' from CORE2DUO E6850 3.0GHz x86 to windows 7 64 bit with a Celeron D 346 / 3.06 GHz. i have an Asus P5N-E-SLI Motherboard 9and tons more memory). Since the upgrade I've been having periodic bluescreens & freezes and after some research I heard that lots of people have this problem with my motherboard. My memory all checks out (although its a but pick and mix). I have a APPHIRE X1650 PRO PCI-E graphics card and no other significant PCI cards.

I am thinking of upgrading, and also the CPU - I am a design/developer & heavy internet user multi-tasker but not a gamer.

Can anyone suggest a good modern motherboard that will fit my case S775 & even a processor upgrade, I am willing to spend some money here to get the best possible machine for me.

Many thanks,

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  1. That GPU is no longer supported by ATI, so you would probably want to get that replaced. Otherwise, I've never seen any problems with the MSI brand of motherboards and I've used many in the various builds around my house.
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